27 mars 2007

Marketing et la realite virtuelle : SL et WoW

Intéressante cette conclusion du marketing "m'as-tu vu" de Second Life versus World of Warcraft :

So far all this collective marketing savvy hasn't much impressed the actual Second Lifers. More than 70 percent of the site's users say they are disappointed with the marketing that goes on in Second Life, according to a survey by Komjuniti, a Hamburg, Germany, research firm. This could be because companies are approaching the site like a traditional marketing channel.
In addition to not liking the marketing they saw, 42 percent of all respondents doubted companies would actually put much follow-up effort into the site.

WoW has more than 7.5 million people who pay for subscriptions to the site. While Second Life does have more than 40,000 paid subscribers, most users use free accounts. Instead, Linden Labs makes most of its money from companies that lease space on the site.

So why go there? Drum thinks it's less about the total number of users than the impression that being there can make.

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