13 mars 2006

Matts Strike Again : Google purge les abuseurs ou est-il abusé ?

Un autre site défraie la manchette aujourd'hui. Cette fois-ci le site bannit est lui-même l'instigateur, et est d'après moi, probablement une stratégie de marketing du type : parlez de moi en bien ou en mal, mais surtout parler de moi.

Un billet complètement ridicule, et qui a défrayé la manchette dans le réseau du référencement grâce encore au "syndrôme chinois" du point 2 et 3 dans les derniers jours:
Open letter #2 to Google from the People's Cube
(posted on Google.com Help Center at 8:30pm on March 10, 2006
"Out of sight, out of mind" - translated into Russian and then back into English, the idiom turns into "invisible lunatics." That also describes The People's Cube's search results in Google.

Dear comrades at Google:

At some point, quite recently, our popular site "The People's Cube" (ThePeoplesCube.com) was purged from Google search results. MSN , Yahoo and other search engines still have it - but Google has erased/blocked any link to the site in its database. One can still find links to us from other sites - but not even one from Google to ThePeoplesCube.com. We tried American, French, German, British, Australian, and Russian versions of Google - they used to give us traffic only a few days ago - but all we got was the same line in various languages: Sorry, no information is available for the URL thepeoplescube.com. And if we clicked on Find web pages from the site thepeoplescube.com we got Your search - site:thepeoplescube.com - did not match any documents.

The first time we saw this line it was written in Chinese - 对不起,找不到网址 thepeoplescube.com 的信息。 We used to look up The People's Cube for fun in the communist-censored Google China only weeks ago - and reported it on our site in a story called Google's Great Leap Forward. Of course our site was blocked by the Chinese government, with Google's consent, along with legions of other Western sites - but we couldn't imagine that only a few weeks later we would get the same results in English. The last time we checked we still lived in the United States - not China - but hey, whoever controls the information is the boss.

If it were a glitch in an algorithm it might throw our rankings back to the end of the line - but this is a total removal. We suspect it is also a deliberate removal - much in the spirit of 1984-style historical revisionism - removal of a "people's enemy" from life and history. Sergei Brin's Russian parents might tell him stories of people in Stalinist Russia disappearing, along with all their pictures and records. "Out of sight, out of mind" - translated into Russian and then back into English, the idiom turns into "invisible lunatics." That also describes The People's Cube's search results in Google.

We can only think of three reasons for this:

1. Google is retaliating against sites that ridiculed its Google China project.
2. Google has begun to implement its Google China policies in the rest of the free world.
3. A left-leaning Google employee who's got access to the database was suffering a nervous breakdown over the mockery of Marxism on our site, and so he or she dastardly removed/blocked The People's Cube, hoping to "improve" the public discourse by silencing the competition.

Sauf que ces pauvres petites victimes utilisent à outrance le bourrage de mots-clés et liens cachés dans leur textes par des astuces de programmation comme l'a découvert l'ingénieur de Google.

Et ne croyez pas que ses tactiques ne sont employées que chez nos voisins ! Ici aussi certaines agences ne se privent de rien. NetMarketing Solution semble utiliser des tactiques semblables ; Mots-clés et liens sur page cachées aux clients avec redirection.

Si vous désactiver votre JavaScript en cliquant sur tous les liens ayant "nms_" dans le site de quelques-un de leur clients vous obtiendrez une page cachée comme celle ci-haut. Même un de leur propre site n'est plus dans l'index de Google. Plutôt bizarre que depuis des semaines ce site n'y figure plus, surtout avec un nom comme celui-là ?

NetMarketingSolution offre un éventail complet de services en Indexation Marketing en respectant rigoureusement le code d'éthique et des meilleures pratiques de l'industrie.

Code d'éthique ?
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