31 mars 2008

Rania Al Abdullah sur YouTube

Après Tony Blair qui avait initier le bal de la page personalisée politique sur YouTube en mai 2007, voici que la très jolie reine de Jordanie y va aussi avec cette page aujourd'hui. Bravo altesse pour cet effort d'établir un dialogue entre le Moyen-Orient et l'Occident, et c'est bien aussi de ne pas trop censurer les messages reçus comme le fait foi, ces quatre derniers capturés là :
palestinianryder | 31 mars 2008
With all due respect, this is a nice intention, but you do not, and never will, represent the "Arab Islamic World" that you want to "show"...Queen Rania you are not a True Muslim or a True Arab...Your ruling elite of Jordan has killed more Palestinians then Israel has in its whole existence!!!I hope you and the Jordanian Royal Family as a whole burns in hell, Insha'Allah.

thendareus | 31 mars 2008
First of all my compliments to you.

Concerning the disconnection; I do not notice any disconnection. Never ever before worlds have been integrated that much as in the most recent history. Even more I suppose this integration is the problem of the friction. I like the Arabic culture and I like my own countries culture. I respect all other cultures too. Let the cultures continue in their countries of origin. Let us visit each other cultures and welcome each other as guests. But do not try to force to change other cultures by integrating too much. I am from the Netherlands, my culture is disappearing because we are trying to integrate the islamic culture. I do not like that as I also do not like the Arabic world to become Western. Let us preserve our roots by accepting that if you are living in another country that you have to adapt yourself to the habbits in this country. But this is not happening at the moment.

Lexcathedra | 31 mars 2008
As a Christian who lives in U.S., what has disturbed me the most about Islam is its insistence that Jesus wasn't even crucified! Even those Jews who hated Jesus believed that he had been crucified. Yet, when I've asked Muslims about this, I've been told two different stories, one being that Allah tricked the soldiers into crucifying someone else that they thought was Jesus (which means that Mary was also tricked, and prepared a total stranger's body for burial. She presumably went to her own grave not knowing that Jesus was actualy safe and sound in Paradise!) the other being that Jesus actually survived the crucifiction! I think that both accounts are completely absurd. What dio you think?

euterke | 31 mars 2008

I think this medium via Youtube could help both vision to understand each other. Each side as their good and bad side. Could we get a certain status quo like an old couple could do!?

I wish from the bottom of my heart this could help to reach another behaviorism level. In any case, thanks for the effort.

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