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9 nov. 2007

La fin de la publicite tel qu'on la connu

Wow ! Un must pour votre lecture du week-end si vous êtes intéressé quelque peu par la publicité et les nouveaux médias. Quelques brides de cette excellente étude d'IBM basé sur 2,400 consommateurs et 80 experts en publicité:
Consumers are increasingly exercising control of how they view, interact with and filter advertising in a multichannel world, as they continue to shift their attention
away from linear TV and adopt ad-skipping, ad-sharing and ad-rating tools.3 Our survey suggests personal PC time now rivals TV time, with 71 percent of respondents using the Internet more than two hours per day for personal use, versus just 48 percent spending equivalent time watching TV. Among the heaviest users, 19 percent spend six hours or more a day on the PC versus just 9 percent who watch a similar amount of TV.
Advertising inventories – New entrants are making ad space that once was proprietary available through open, efficient exchanges. As a result, more than half of the ad executives interviewed expect that open platforms will, within the next five years, take 30 percent of the revenue currently flowing to proprietary incumbents such as broadcasters.

Open Exchange: Here, the industry morphs behind the scenes, with little to no additional consumer influence. Advertising formats largely remain the same, but advertising inventory is increasingly bought and sold through efficient open exchanges, bypassing traditional intermediaries.

Consumer Choice: Tired of intrusions, consumers exert more control over the advertising they view and filter. Formats evolve to contextual, interactive, permission-based and targeted messaging to retain attention.

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