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18 août 2008

Youtube et les télédiffuseurs font amis-amis

Finalement un peu de bon sens chez les médias et aussi de la part de Youtube:

"But we also don't like the idea of keeping fans of our products from being able to engage with our content." he said. "For the most part, people who are uploading videos are fans of our movies. They're not trying to be evil pirates, and they're not trying to get revenue from it."

Indeed, the YouTube users who post the content without permission will not share in the advertising revenue generated by their posts. Instead, it is split between the media companies and YouTube.

The infringing user receives an e-mail message with an ominous red banner saying "a YouTube partner made a copyright claim on one of your videos." The e-mail message explains that the media company has "authorized the use of this content" and that viewers may see advertising on the video.

For example, a user-uploaded video for the music video for "Disturbia" by the artist Rihanna is still online, even though YouTube makes it easy to remove. The Rihanna video page was uploaded by a fan three weeks ago and has attracted 1.2 million views. It now features a prominent ad and a small disclaimer that cites the Universal Music Group as the owner.
Il était temps que YouTube et les télédiffuseurs se rendrent compte que la simple répression nuisait à tous et qu'une ouverture des partages des petits revenues publicitaire est une situation Win-Win.

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