1 janv. 2008

Facebook : Nouveau contrôle et règles plus strictes

Très intéressant comme nouvelle et spécialement pour un 1er janvier :

Starting today, we'll begin blocking links in Mini-Feed, Notifications, and Notification Emails which lead to the installation of another application in the hopes that developers focus on user experience and engagement being paramount, not deceiving users for the sake of growth.
L'affaire Beacon semble avoir ébranler fortement Facebook, mais d'un autre coté il semble que la recherche de monétisation de son produit fasse encore quelques dérapages:

Six weeks after Facebook launched a controversial advertising program that tracked its members around the Internet, the Palo Alto company is quietly testing a new system that slips links to its mobile software onto smart-phones on the T-Mobile USA network without the permission of the devices' owners.

BlackBerry owners can hide the blue-and-white Facebook icon, but they can not delete it.

Brandee Barker, director of corporate communications for Facebook, said users still must choose to use the mobile application and that no personal information will be at risk. She said Facebook will not share its members' data with T-Mobile or Research in Motion, which makes BlackBerry devices. In addition, she said, neither T-Mobile nor Research in Motion is sharing the information they gather about a person's location or the contacts stored on his or her BlackBerry with Facebook.

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