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28 avr. 2006

Le Canada fait bonne figure en 2006 au E-Readiness Rankings

Un gain de 4 place, - et une première dans le top 10 -, le Canada se positionne maintenant en neuvième position dans l'étude du Economist Intelligence Unit à laquelle collabore l'IBM Institute for Business Value.
Among other major conclusions of this year's rankings:
Europe remains dominant. Most of the rankings' top players have moved upwards in lock step, with little movement in the broader ranks from 2005 to 2006. West European countries take six of the top ten spots in this year's rankings, and the Nordics occupy three of them. Denmark (in 1st place), Sweden (4th) and Finland (7th) remain best in class in key areas of connectivity, such as mobile penetration and Internet use. Among the biggest gainers in 2006 are Australia (8th), Canada (9th) -- breaking into the global top ten for the first time -- Lithuania (38th) and, at the lower end of the scale, Algeria (63rd).
Voici l'étude complète (PDF).

1 commentaire :

  1. Nous étions 4e en 2001. C'est quoi cette mauvaise pub de l'EIU et IBM?