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11 nov. 2006

Les blogueurs Chinois font mal a Procter & Gamble

Un autre exemple d'une méconnaissance du pouvoir qu'ont maintenant les citoyens grâce aux blogues. Et ceci est encore plus vrai dans des pays comme la Chine où l'acquisition des nouvelles technologies se fait à la vitesse grand V.
Going forward, companies need to understand the role blogs and BBS as well as nationalism plays in China. Companies can be more proactive in harnessing the power of blogs for their benefit like Pepsi (PEP) and Nike (NKE) have innovatively for their benefit. They should also be honest and quick in acknowledging any mistakes and go out of their way to show contrition as Yum did. It is true, bad news spreads faster than good news and, with RSS feeds, bad news literally spreads at the speed of light.
De plus cet autre billet nous mentionne ceci :
On an online survey run by Sina (SINA) in which approximately 20,000 people voted, over 80% of respondents feel P&G is lying in its public apology for the SKII debacle. Most importantly, nearly 96% of them say they will not buy any SKII products anymore.
Ce produit se détaille environ $100 le flaçon en Chine et cet autre article nous mentionne que cela représente un marché de 2 milliards de dollars pour P&G en Chine. Ouchh !

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