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22 oct. 2019

Service offer

 Service offer

Special before the holidays as every year, I offer a 20% discount on my rates,
or 10% commission on all referred mandates. This is for a limited time,
from October 21 to November 1.  


    What distinguishes me from many other SEO consultants is my strengths, both on the technical side as a former analyst programmer and on the marketing side. With my 23 years of experience in SEO and
my 10 previous years in electronic publishing  
I have acquired a very good base
in writing at the same time

    while the attendance
    of marketing

Audit and analysis

  • Determine the persona
  • Audit of the current referencing of the site by taking into account its target audience, its market, its products and services offered both technically and semantically
  • Analysis of the site's positioning and that of the main competitors, by product and service categories
  • Analysis of research trends
  • Establishment of the list of keywords, on which the optimization strategy will be based

Setting up

  • Recommendations on "On-Site SEO" = How to optimize organic referencing by designing the site so that it is better positioned in search engines
  • Clear and detailed recommendations for integrations to be made in your site by your internal team or supplier.
  • Identification of the tags to be integrated
  • Identification of conversion objectives to be measured on site.
  • Configuration of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, activation of conversion objectives in the Analytics tool.
  • Recommendations on the "Off-Site SEO", i. e. on the means to be taken outside the site to optimize SEO in organic results.
  • Registration in the relevant directories (link building).
  • Upgrading to Schema.org standards
  • Development of a SiteMap.xml and a Robots.txt file.


From the beginning of your ideas to the end, our editorial team expresses your ideas, projects and needs, for the benefit of your readers, in high quality written french or english, with concise and precise, simple but personalized words. Whatever your field of expertise, the objective is to organize and edit your messages so that they are well understood.


  • Recommendations for rich snippets and zero results.
  • Focus on sections for voice search and Q&A (Faq pages).
  • Optimization of POS (Point Of Sales), distributors/resellers section.
  • Jobs/Careers section.

Social networks

  • Implementation of personalized pages for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Advice on the drafting and management of these accounts, or management by us or in shared custody.
  • Analysis of the performance of the "ecosystem", is it optimized, is it sent to Facebook at the right time, what types of content work best, can we track a Facebook fan from the fan page to a transaction on the site, etc.

Multi-channel marketing

  • Guide for traditional2Web campaigns to get accurate indices of conversion measures
  • Monitoring of your brands and statistical monitoring.

Some achievements (except for the most recent clients)

- Mandate for Creopack (2016)

- Mandate for Montel (2016)

- Mandates for GCA Innobilier (2016)

- Mandates for Résidence-Québec (2015-2016)

- Mandates for SOS-Cuisine (2016)

- Mandates for ExoB2C (2014-2015)

- Optimization of Aquam (2015)

- Training and optimization of the ATR Saguenjay-Lac-St-Jean and Domaine Forget (2014)

- Optimization training for Whynotblue (2014)

- Optimization of the redesign of Espresso-Jobs (2006, 2009, 2013-14)

- Social media management (FB and Twitter) for the national restaurant chain Chez Cora (August 2012 - Jan. 2013): Internal support

- Social media management (FB, blog and Twitter) for Tourisme-Charlevoix (September 2011 - June. 2012)

- Web optimization training for TFO.org (2012)

Training, conferences and technical/semantic audits at ;

- Adviso, Desjardins Financial Security, SEPAQ, ATRAQ, Têtes à Claques, Radio-Canada (3), Cyclovac, ATR Charlevoix, Blax, SAT, M-Biance, Creo, SATQ, ATR Mauricie, Le Devoir, Arromdissement.com, etc.

- Analysis for LoJiq, SEPAQ, Blue Cross, Tourisme Laval, ATR Laval, ATR Saguenay Lac-St-Jean, ATR Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Opéra de Montréal, Salambo Productions, SATQ, Analyweb, Challenge your World, CRIM, AgentSolo, Le Devoir, Adviso, Michelle Blanc, etc.

- Strategist for Hébergement Charlevoix, Oasis and Admiral.

Some less recent achievements

- Consultant on the French presidential events site Quel-Candidat with the Dauphiné-Libéré in France and Mignon Média in New York (2007).
PS: Already offline but by searching on Raphaël Benoît's blog you will have some stat
- Strategic analysis on Canoe's Micasa.ca (2007)
- Marketing and technical analysis on the Ice.com e-commerce site (generates more than $2 million in sales per month) (2007)
- Technical analysis on the IATA.org website (2007)
- Strategic analysis on Canoe's Micasa.ca (2007)
- Development of a monitoring system and various strategic analyses for Taleo Corporation in San Francisco and Paris (2003 to 2007)
- Global evaluation and outreach strategy of the Canoe network (2006)
- Permeability analysis of Cyberpresse's architecture, content structure and archive management (2005-2006)
- Development of recommendations for the structure and content management of the Via Rail Canada site (2004-2005)
- Analysis, recommendations and training for the TQS site (2004-2005)
- Analysis, recommendations and optimization of the HEC site with Adviso (2005)
- Consultant for the implementation of an internal and intranet research solution for Radio-Canada/CBC (2004)
- Proposal for a metadata framework for new media content for CBC/Radio-Canada (2004)
- Optimization of the website of the Conseil des Appellations Agroalimentaires du Québec (CAAQ) (2004)
- Production of an online marketing best practices guide and two conferences on the visibility and outreach of Canadian cultural sites online for Heritage Canada (2003-2004)
- Analysis of the Dublin-Core protocol and proposal for a metadata framework for the Government of Canada (2002-2003)
- Analysis of the influence of the Nomino Technologies site (2003)
- Analysis and recommendations for the influence of the Covéo site (ex-Copernic) (2004)
- Analysis and recommendations for the outreach of the Copernic Technologies site (2002-2003)
- Conference in front of 150 government webmasters at WebMaestro (WebEducation) for the Government of Quebec (2002)

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericbaillargeon/

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